Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding!

Good Morning!

Yes, its true, I got up at 5 am to watch the duration of the Royal Wedding!
I originally wanted to watch just to see the fun hats ;) but ended up becoming completely and utterly entranced by the entire procession!
Kate Middleton was as I expected, a timeless beauty.

Not everyone was a big fan of Kate's choice but I absolutely loved her dress! It was simple but elegant, understated but chic.. a timeless classic. I've been a huge lover of Lace this year, so I was a big fan of her dress and veil choice and I'm excited to see them recreated!

Another dress that wow'ed was worn by Kate's younger sister, Pippa. I loved the fit and material! Im rooting for the next wedding couple to be Pippa and Harry! ;D whos with me?

Of course Prince William was looking dapper as ever! Quite the Prince Charming! I love that he chose to wear a military uniform. My husband wore his navy dress blues when we were married, and Im so glad! the pictures were great! and in my personal opinion, a man is always more handsome in uniform :)

Now lets talk about the Not so chic-ness at the Royal Wedding.. :-X
Oh my goodness, Eugenia and Beatrice... where do I start?! These two look like they just fell right out of WhoVille! Did I miss the Grinches entrance?!

Another disappointment (for me, anyway) was Victoria Beckham. I loveeee loveeee Victoria Beckham and think shes typically the epitome of style, but her outfit to the Royal Wedding was one big fail for me. The dress cut is awkward, the heels are too high and the hat looks like a giant throat lozenger.. sorry Victoria :/

I leave you all with a Kiss straight out of a Disney Fairytale! :) 
Congratulations William & Kate!



  1. I agree with all your comments, I Loved kate's dress. I am so glad that I got up (at 3) to watch the wedding live, what a fairytale. your youtube channel & blog

  2. Hi Wendy!! First let me tell you, I love the dragonfly on this page!! Dragonflies are my "thing", I collect them!
    Omg I busted out laughing when I read what you wrote about Eugenia and Beatrice. I didn't get up and watch the coverage this morning. When I got up I asked Scott (hubby) if he'd seen anything about the wedding yet...he said YES..Kate looked great but those daughters of Fergie's looked like the came out of Who-ville in their hats. LOL Great minds think alike I guess. I wonder who could have told them those looked nice!!
    I agree with you about Kate's dress. It was perfect for her. It may not have been something had we saw a picture of it, we would have said
    "oh I love that dress", but with the restrictions she had to adhere to, I think it was a wonderful choice. I LOVED the veil and tiara! She looks so classic and beautiful. Great to see another post from you!!

  3. Hey girl! I'm a huge fan of your youtube channel, so I was thrilled to find your blog! I completely agree, I thought that Kate looked perfect. So much inspiration for my wedding this summer :)

    Anyways, love your blog and I'm following you now :)

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