Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DONT meet me under the mistletoe! UNTIL ...

 ... you watch this Oral Hygiene Routine video !
The only thing less attractive on Christmas than fruit cake, is STANK breath.
So save yourself and your loved ones the smell and the embarrassment, and invest in a Orabrush today!

The Orabrush's back story is particularly interesting to me because I am a Youtube Beauty Guru, and this product was the first ever to go from nothing to national retail using Youtube alone!
My experience with the Orabrush and its corresponding tongue foam is outlined in my oral hygiene review video above, but I can tell you this right now---> it will be life changing.
Once you use this little device to scrape years of gunk off your tongue, you will never, and I mean NEVER EVER go without your Orabrush again.
This Christmas Season, 1000 Walmarts will be offering a FREE tongue foam with the purchase of any Orabrush!
If your Walmart is not offering complimentary tongue foam with purchase, just take a picture of your Orabrush in its original packaging and visit this link to receive your Free tongue foam!

Here's to lots of big kisses under the mistletoe!!! :)

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  1. This product is absolutely amazing, I used to be that person who used their toothbrush to scrub their tongue.