Monday, July 8, 2013

Building Our First House - Color Selection Appointment & Design Center

HI Beauties.

First and foremost, I would like to thank all of you for the heartfelt well wishes and congratulations on our new home news! We are so excited to be sharing this exciting time with all of you! 

and so our Journey begins... 

Since choosing our home lot and signing our contract in April, we have anxiously awaited our June color selection appointment at our builder's design center.

 The "color selection appointment" is essentially a 8 hour long day where you choose absolutely EVERYTHING for your house. (Yes, I said 8 HOURS) lol. To avoid completely overwhelming yourself, I highly recommend visiting your home builder's design center or showroom as many times as possible PRIOR to your appointment and contract signing. I'm fairly confident that the employees at our design center thought I was totally crazy; as I must have visited nearly 10 times with my husband and mom in a two month period ;) 

However trust me when I say, you will save tons of time and stress if you make most of your decisions and choices in advance. 
Making these selections before your contract signing and appointment will also give you a better idea of what you can afford and where your final home price might end up. Our agent was very impressed when my husband and I showed up to our contract signing with an Excel document listing all of our color choices and pricing. We were prepared far ahead of time, and because of this; were able to work more deals with our builder than someone who didn't know what they were interested in.

It's also helpful to visit the design center a few times if you're a bit indecisive like myself ;)  Our cabinets went from maple spice to toffee; floors were ceramic tile and then gunstock, and finally, a wider plank butterscotch.. and that's just the tip of the ever changing iceberg ya'll! hehe

Be prepared to make (at least!) the following choices at your color selection appointment:
- Exterior choices (siding type/color, roof color, brick/stone color, garage door style, gutters, windows, front door, lighting, lockset)
-Interior choices (flooring type and colors, house trim, door style, fireplace mantle and marble, all countertops, cabinets for kitchen and bathrooms, all hardware and fixtures, placement of electrical and multimedia outlets, appliances, stairs, shower/tub and toilet styles, alarm system and structured wiring)
* Any structural changes will typically need to be made before your color selection. including, home extensions, decks, sunrooms, layout changes, etc).

Have you ever been through a color selection appointment? Did you find all of the choices stressful?

I will be sharing all of OUR color selections with you beauties in my next few posts! :) 
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