Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Building Our First House - Dunkirk Model

HI Beauties.

As many of you know, I have been a bit MIA for the past few months in the youtube/blogging world. With my husband's detachment from the Navy, starting a new job, and moving back to Southern Maryland; things have been hectic! But we've also been very busy with something exciting! ... 

My Husband and I are Building Our First Home !!!

In our 6 years as a Navy family (hubby served for 8) we have had to move quite a bit. While we have both loved exploring new cities, I'm not sure that we ever grew completely accustomed to the many "joys" of renting *note sarcasm* ;]
 Now that my husband is a civilian, we are finally ready to put down roots in our hometown and start our lives in our first true "home" together. Of course I will be taking all of my favorite beauties along with us on our journey. I will be sharing our new home decisions, trials, tribulations and exciting updates with all of you! 

So far our experience has been a lot of fun! and im not gonna lie, a bit of stress too ;) I knew that building a new home would entail a lot of decision making but even "I" couldn't have prepared for all of these choices! 
So i'm hoping that my house blog posts will not only keep you all updated with us, but also provide some info and recommendations for those of you who might be in the process of buying or building a new home as well :]


Dunkirk Model with similar exterior colors (not our house hehe)-