Sunday, July 21, 2013

Building Our First House - We Broke Ground & Building Progress Pics!

HI Beauties.

After 3 long months of waiting, the day we've been anxiously anticipating has finally arrived!! Our home build has officially begun! Woohoo!!!
Our builders broke ground on our new house July 17th, and have gotten busy since then pouring footers, putting up forms and pouring foundation walls. I'm surprised and excited about how quickly things are coming along! I'm seeing a lot of rain in the forecast for next week though, so hopefully the workers will be back on Monday to waterproof the walls and finish up the foundation.
Here are some photos from this week to show you our new house's progress~

 Our Lot Pre-Construction 

They've Broken Ground!

We Have a Hole!! (and tiny husband)   ;]

Footers Poured and Forms Delivered

Forms are up!

Foundation Walls are Poured! (front of house) 

Foundation walls are poured! (back of house)