Tuesday, February 25, 2014

House Tour | BentleyBlonde

hi  Beauties.

So excited to share our house tour with you! I know it has been a LONG time coming, and I want to thank you all for your patience while we got settled in, and did some decorating! ;) 
To correspond with this blog post; I filmed a House Tour video which went up on my Youtube channel today. So be sure to watch it if you haven't already! 
Hope you all enjoy-

Clock: Kirklands
Baby Cypress Tree: Balsam Hill

Dining Room
Curtains: Marshalls
Curtain Rods: Ross (Spray Painted w/ Krylon Metallic Silver)
Mirror: Home Goods
Antique Dresser: local shop
Chairs: Sand Parsons Chairs from Kirklands
Lamps: Lowes


Rooster Clock: Ross
Wine Rack: Home Goods
Apothecary Jar: Marshalls
Faux Limes: Target, Faux Lemons: Dollar Tree

Rooster Plate: Cracker Barrel

Rooster Plate: Hobby Lobby
Plate Holder: Big Lots
Spoon Rest: TJ Maxx
Oil Holder: Cracker Barrel

Rooster Wall Decor: Kirklands
Baby Cypress Tree: Balsam Hill

Glass Candle Holder (back): Marshalls
Candle Holder (front) w/ Champagne Toast Candle: Bath & Body Works

Living Room
Curtains: Threshold Farrah Lattice Window Panel at Target

Vase: Home Goods
Decorative Filler: Hobby Lobby
Garland: Michaels w/ added decoration
Wooden Sign: local shop
Candle Holders: Target
B Initial: Kohls
Topiary: Marshalls
Wrought Iron Wall Decor: Value City Furniture

Breakfast Nook
Dining Table: JcPenney
Apothecary Jar: Marshalls
Wrought Iron Wall Decor: Kirklands

Master Bedroom
Upholstered Headboard & Bed Frame: Custom Made by my Amazing Men! ;) 
Nightstands & Dresser: Value City Furniture
Curtains: Kirklands
Lamps: Home Goods
Chandelier: Hautelook

Bedding: Soho New York Sea Glass at Kohls
Fuzzy Blanket: Target

Floor Mirror: Home Goods
Wall Tile: Kirklands

Mason Jar (vase): Michaels
Faux Flowers: Michaels
Candle: Kringle Candle's Tranquil Waters
Frame: unknown (I've had it forever lol) 

Distressed Frame: Marshalls
Blue Mason Jar: Ball Heritage Collection at Kmart
Mercury Vase: Kohls

Blue Distressed Chest: Kirklands
Frame: unknown
Apothecary Jar: Walmart
Flowers: Home Goods

Guest Bedroom
Bedding: Odyssey Comforter Set by Echo Design
Decorative Pillows: assorted Odyssey pillows from Echo Design
Lamps: Ross
Wall Decor: Bed Bath & Beyond

Guest Bathroom
Shower Curtain: Target
Picture: Home Goods

Laundry Room
Laundry Sign: Hobby Lobby
Rolling Garment Rack: Beyond the Rack

Filming/Beauty Room
Book Shelf: Walmart (going to paint it white soon!)
Chandelier: Hautelook
Zebra Ottoman: Hautelook

White Storage Cabinet: Hautelook
Wall Decor: Lakeside Collection (Spray Painted Gold w/ Rustoleum Metallic Gold)
Flowers: Home Goods
Acrylic Lipstick Organizer: byalegory

Custom Painting
by: Alicja of ANZ Dezigns

Desk: Hautelook
Heels Custom Paintings by: Debra of Grand Horse Designs
Mirror: Ross
Mercury Vase: Kohls

Custom Painting 
by: Debra of Grand Horse Designs

Hope that you guys enjoyed this peek into our new home! 
Be sure to watch my NEW "House Tour" Youtube video on my channel for more,

& Visit the AMAZING Kirklands website,  HERE
for tons of super chic and affordable home decor & furnishings! 
They were even kind enough to provide all of my lovely subscribers with a Special Limited Time Coupon Code:
$25 off $125 w/ coupon code: BENTLEY25
$25 off order of $125 or more will be valid for any purchase that meets a minimum of $124.99 (before shipping and taxes).  Offer is valid from Tuesday, 2/25/14 until Friday, 3/7/14 @ 11:59pm CST. 

Let me know what goodies you pick up! :) 

To see all of my other Home posts, including building photos, advice & more, click HERE.


  1. Awesome! Congratulations on the new house! You must be so excited. It's been a long time coming. :-)

    1. Thank you so much Liz! It is a wonderful feeling to finally have our own home :)

  2. I am in love with your home! You have done a fantastic job decorating and coordinating everything! Simply stunning!

  3. Where is the link about building your own home and advice? :)

    1. Hi Edina! If you go to my blog homepage, you will see a category called "our first home," there you will see all of my previous home posts, including building posts, advice etc. I've also just added the link to all home posts at the end of this post for easier access :) thanks for reading! x

  4. Love the house but where's the man cave? How much say Did David have in the decor?

    1. thanks mikey! the man cave will eventually be the basement. We plan to finish it in the near future :) David had some say in the decor of course! ;) haha he is ok with pretty much everything except pink!

    2. That's good. I'm with him anything but pink please! ;)

  5. Beautiful Home!! I love your home decor! I don't know why but I feel so touched you shared where you got some of your things even when it was from Dollar Tree, Target etc. It just made me feel like we can relate to one another. I know that may sound silly. But girl, I love me some pink and bling.....LOL!! I would be honored if you or your viewers would check out my new beauty blog.


  6. Wendy, I've looked on Etsy for *Debra of Grand Horse Designs* (as you told me too, in your YouTube reply)........nothing is coming up......HELP!

    1. Hi Jan! Just seeing your comment, so sorry. I think we might have already chatted about this on Facebook, hoping you found Debras etsy alright? xo

  7. such an awesome post! your decor is awesome! thanks for sharing :) you have a beautiful home!


  8. Your house is beautiful! Where are your bar stools from?

  9. This is my first time on your blog and I just want to say how fun and awesome it is. Looking at your pics of your pretty home inspires me to work harder at decorating my home circulon infinite review and doing more DIY things. I’m a pretty new blogger and your website is very inspiring to me. Great job!

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  13. Hi, The house tour experience you shared was indeed enjoyable and excited much being able to participate into your tour. The Foyer, all the items in the dining room, master bedroom, bed room, and other materials like curtains, wall paints, chairs, fruits and especially your bed are looking so so gorgeous. I actually wanted to have some ideas on inexpensive shower curtains, but happy to get into your amazing home tour.