Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Q & A with Yappem!

Hi Beauties

As many of you know, I recently discovered an amazing new app called Yappem! Yappem is the premier reward-based brand-centric social platform. On Yappem you can share your thoughts and opinions on products, brands and places in return for Yappem coins, which you can cash in for gift cards from major retailers!

Yappem has provided me with a new outlet where I can keep up with you beauties in "real time," sharing my personal experiences with new brands and products; letting you know which are must haves and which are just plain crap ;) 

I am honored to be one of Yappem's resident experts, and provide you all with exciting giveaways and more over on my youtube channel! Be sure to subscribe to my channel & blog for updates, and come join me over on Yappem and share your opinions! I'd love to connect :)
 Happy Yapping!

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