Thursday, July 11, 2013

Building Our First House - Exterior Color Choices

Hi Beauties.

Hope all of you are having a fab week! I wanted to thank you all so much for the love on my last "Building Our First Home" post! 
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Today I will be sharing our exterior color choices! :) Let me start off by saying, choosing a siding color was by far the hardest choice we made in this entire process. I feel that the exterior of a home is a true reflection of it's owners; and there were 3 things that we were certain we wanted for our new home,
- a front porch
- colonial or southern feel/ siding color
-red front door

BUT, herein lies the problem when working with a development builder.. typically, (at least this was the case for us) you must adhere to the builder's rules and the HOA. For us this meant, our siding and brick color had to be different from all of our bordering neighbors. It also meant, no red front door.
Lucky for us, we are the first home to be built on one side of the street so we didn't have to take neighbors to our left and right into consideration. There are however, homes being built across the street from us already, so we did have to choose different colors from them.
After much indecision, we settled on "Natural Clay" for our siding color. I called the builders right away to lock in our color choice early and then I sat back and reveled in the fact that we would be getting our first pick!
Fast forward 2 days to a builder's meeting concerning a certain siding that was to be "immediately discontinued," I bet you cant guess which color ? ;]
Yes, natural clay was to be taken off the list of possible siding choices due to melting issues. I admit, I was a bit devastated at first. (albeit a bit grateful for non melting siding ;] lol) In the same week, my husband and I also had to switch lots due to a drainage concern, and learned that the HOA did not allow red front doors.

As trivial as it all is, I learned an important lesson with these minor setbacks.. Nothing is ever certain in the world of new home construction ;) Sometimes you have to go with the flow. For a "Super Planner" like myself, this can be a bit disconcerting at first. But I've learned that it's important to be patient, understanding and yes, even a bit spontaneous!

My husband and I ended up deciding on Certainteed's Savannah Wicker for our new siding color; a lovely warm tan shade that had a somewhat southern feel paired with black shutters. We also chose the redder Milbrook brick (to replace my red front door hehe) for a nice contrast to the dark shutters and roof. Our roof color was chosen by the builder, dependent on our siding and shutter choices. In the end, I'm very happy with our final selections and so excited to see how they all come together!  

Anyhow, enough with my rambling! I'm sure you're really here to see our home's exterior color selections! ;) 


Charcoal Black Roof


       Certainteed Savannah Wicker Siding

Black Shutters

                                                                Milbrook Brick

Dunkirk Model with Savannah Wicker Siding (different shutter & roof color)

What do you think?? 

Have you ever experienced setbacks with a new home?

STAY TUNED to see all of our "Interior" color selections! 
Fingers & toes crossed that we break ground in the next couple weeks ;)

PS.  Did YOU see my Last Youtube video? It's a fun "Get Ready with Me!"