Thursday, August 15, 2013

Building Our First House - NEW Progress Photos!

hello beauties.

Phew! It sure has been a busy month thus far! The last time I updated on our home build, we had just had our foundation poured and back filled. Fast forward a couple of weeks, and our house is finally starting to look more like, well.. a house! ;) 
Despite a less than stellar daily weather forecast for the past 2 weeks, Southern Maryland managed to stay "fairly" dry until we were under roof. [Well, expect for that one whole day and night that it positively down poured, shortly after our second floor was framed. David and I spent a few hours after that event sweeping all of the standing water off of our subflooring :/ lol fun times!]
 But alas, the sun came out just in time for roofing to begin, and JUST before another pretty terrible thunderstorm.. Hallelujah! 
Hopefully now that we are under roof, and windows and doors are installed, we wont have to rely so heavily on good weather for things to keep moving with the construction schedule.
Anyhow, wanted to share some more recent progress pics with you all ! The house has changed even more since these were taken, yay!  so be sure to check back soon for more updates + photos! 

a VERY exciting day! First floor framing


Living Room

Second Floor Framing


Kitchen Pantry

Windows delivered

French doors delivered

Roofing Begins! yay! 

Living Room (windows are in!)

2 of the Dining Room windows

A Peek Upstairs! ;] We weren't allowed to go up yet 

Looking a little "haunted housey" but roof is almost done! 

Back of House before shingling

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