Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Building Our First House - Updated Progress Photos

hi beauties!

Its been a busy few weeks at the future Bentley home! :) After a very rainy period, we are finally under roof (and shingled!) and things have been rolling since then. If you didn't see my last post with earlier progress pics and a few unfortunate setbacks, be sure to catch up HERE.

We are currently in the insulation/ drywall process as we near the end of August. I cant believe how fast the months are flying by! Can't wait to be in our new home in October, eek! :D
Here are some updated progress photos for you all... 

Under roof! windows & doors are in, 
waiting on shingling

French doors off the breakfast nook (upgrade)

Half Moon Window in the Kitchen (upgrade)

Living Room


Guest Bedroom/ Future Filming Room! :D

Guest Bedroom

Guest Bathroom

Laundry Room (converted from 4th bedroom, upgrade)

Master Bedroom

Master Closet

Master Shower (upgrade)

 Front Door & Sidelights (upgrade)

Roof finally Shingled! :) 

Brick laid

Our first "Oopsie!" Wrong foyer window was installed originally ;)
 (Wrong one on left, new/correct one on right) 

Master Bathtub! I'm a wee bit excited about this (upgrade)

Electrical & Plumbing work started

Front Porch Columns Added

Insulation in & Sheet Rock delivered!

Back of the House

I also wanted to note, I do not intend to brag by clarifying which options were (upgrades). I follow quite a few home building blogs, and always like to know which options/ upgrades people chose; as these can sometimes be some of the hardest decisions to make during the home building process. So hopefully someone will find this helpful :) I should be visiting the house sometime this week to get some new photos once drywall is finished, and will be sure to share! Be sure to,
  and leave me some love in the comments below!