Thursday, September 12, 2013

Building Our First House - Drywall & Deliveries! + Pictures!

hi beauties.
It's been an exciting month at the future Bentley household. Things are really rolling now! It's finally starting to look like a real house now that the drywall is complete, so exciting! 
I wanted to share updated progress photos with everyone. Obviously everything is still being worked on, the trim needs to be finished and painted, cabinet knobs installed etc ;) 
This week has been ever more exciting with our kitchen "deliveries" finally being installed, cant wait to share more pics later this week!! 

9/5 Living Room - Drywall & Trim

Kitchen - Drywall

Doors Installed

Delivery! Sinks & Knobs

Delivery! Kitchen Cabinetry

Dining Room (trim not painted yet)

Stairs started!

Foyer Trim

Master Bath Vanity 1 Cabinetry

Master Bath Vanity 2 Cabinetry

Guest Bath Fixtures

Guest Bath Vanity Cabinet

Did you see my last post?? I shared all of the features, and photos of our new Kitchen! HERE-- OUR KITCHEN
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  1. Your new home sure is coming along nicely! I love the windows you've chosen for your living room, they're absolutely gorgeous. I always find that once drywall is complete, it's easier to visualize what the house will actually look like once it's done. We're in the process of finishing our basement right now and it's almost done - just some little things left to do (and the washroom).

  2. Beautiful! When we were building our house we put our initials on the walls before they put the drywall up! That way no matter what happens with the house, there was always a part of us in there.

  3. Wendy absolutely gorgeous!!! I know you will be so excited to see your home after finishing of drywall. I like that vanity cabinet which vital for extra space. Thanks for sharing your ideas and incredible pictures of completion of project.

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  5. Things are really rolling now! It's finally starting to look like a real house now that the drywall is complete, so exciting! pluserconstruction