Thursday, September 5, 2013

Building Our First House - Our Kitchen

hi beauties.

Things at the house are slow moving while drywall is being done, so I decided to share a special kitchen post instead.
 In terms of importance, I put the kitchen right near the top of the list. To me, the kitchen is the heart of the home, a gathering place. So my husband and I decided it was a part of the house that we were willing to add a few upgrades to. Our builders offer a few different kitchen designs (standard, deluxe, grand and gourmet). We went with the Grand Kitchen option, as it was a nice middle ground with our desired features. I will share all of the options that come with the Grand Kitchen package below.
We also decided to upgrade our granite one level, our faucet, stove top, and our cabinetry from oak to maple.
My husband and I also added a 2 foot extension onto the back of the house, which allowed us to have a larger island, and a small coffee nook area with extra cabinetry. As mentioned in a previous post, we opted to convert our 4th bedroom upstairs into a laundry room, so the original laundry will now be a larger walk-in pantry :)

Our Grand Kitchen Includes:
Oak Cabinets (upgraded to maple)
Granite Countertops (upgraded one level)
Stainless Steel Undermount Sink
Standard Faucet (upgraded)
Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Cooktop (upgraded), Single wall oven
No Bulkhead & Upgraded Crown Molding with Rope
Solid Core Dovetail Drawers
Soft Action Drawer System
Raised End Panels
Cabinet Knobs
Under Cabinet Lights
Large Island
4' Twin Casement Window with Arch
Staggered Wall Cabinets

Our Kitchen Layout

Our Kitchen as of 8/16

(pretty, right?!) lol ;]

Yorktowne Cabinetry Coventry Style Cabinet in Maple Toffee
Upgrade Level 2

(Our Cabinet Style on Top, Our Color Choice on Bottom)

this is not our kitchen, but this is the same cabinet manufacturer & style:

Brushed Nickel Knobs C12

Light Giallo Ornamental Granite
Upgrade Level 2

Pendant Lights over the Island

Kitchen Faucet

Horrible Scanned Photo, but this is our Kitchen Sink,
Exec Chief Undermount Sink in Matte

I'm not including appliance photos as they are pretty generic, but we went with all black appliances (standard option) and only upgraded our stove top to a 30'' Advantium radiant cooktop in black.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little sneak peek! Let me know what you think in the comments below :) & Be sure to
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  1. I love your kitchen selections. It's going to look so nice when it's complete. BTW your kitchen is huge!

  2. Wendy, I love the kitchen. Just wanted to mention I have been reading a lot of house blogs lately and many people have mentioned that they wish they would have installed lighting in their closets when they were building their houses. Just something to ponder if you haven't already.

    1. Thanks so much!! We've actually already made all of our selections. There is a light in our master closet though, as far as I know. But Thanks for the heads up!! :) xo

  3. Your posts are so cool! Thanks for sharing with us!! I bet it is so exciting to see the progress coming along so well. I love seeing all that goes into building a new house. :)

    1. Thanks so much for reading Christa!! Im so glad that you're enjoying my posts! we are so thrilled, its been a really neat process! :) xo

  4. Your kitchen layout is very nice! Well done.

    My sister has the same faucet and sink as you and she's had problems with both. Her faucet ended up breaking after only one year (the hose and spout disconnected on her and water kept spraying out). She finds the sink hard to work with because one side is significantly smaller than the other. She wishes, now, that she had chosen a sink with two equal sides.

    1. thanks vanessa! I dont think the sink size will bother me. well.. hopefully. I will just use the right side as a strainer for hand washed dishes. I hope my faucet isnt like that though :( eek. Im sure our builder would replace it if it was malfunctioning though.

    2. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the builder ended up replacing my sister's faucet since it was still under warranty. If it had broken after the warranty expired, though, they would have had to buy another one and pay out-of-pocket.

      The thing she dislikes most about the sink is that she has nowhere to rinse her dishes once she's washed them. She fills the big sink up with water and dish soap, washes the dishes in there, but then has nowhere to rinse them because the other side of the sink is too small. If she was only washing a couple of dishes, it wouldn't matter, but on a typical evening after dinner when she's got to wash her pots and pans, it's hard.

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